Together, We Can
Transform Education
17. - 19.
Oct 2023
11TH international conference

Creative Approaches For Teacher Empowerment

In this dynamic and interactive event, we aim to facilitate a productive dialogue among policy makers, teacher trainers, school leaders, and teachers. The focus is on recognizing the pivotal role of drama in fostering inclusion and enhancing the quality of teacher education.
Ljubljana, Slovenia
16. - 22.
May 2024
Innovation Camp

Drama For Learning Languages

Join us for an extraordinary journey in language education! ACIIS is thrilled to invite you to our first Innovation Camp, focusing on languages. Collaborate with educators, students, and leaders in Poland. Together, we will define the challenges of inclusive language education, generate innovative teaching ideas, develop projects, and inspire change. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of reshaping language education!
Gdynia, Poland
09. - 15.
Feb 2025
Innovation Camp

Drama For Learning Humanities

Get ready to dive into the world of humanities education! ACIIS invites you to our second Innovation Camp, taking place in Croatia. Engage with educators, students, and leaders as we explore the challenges of inclusive humanities education. Collaborate, generate creative teaching concepts, develop transformative projects, and inspire change. Join us in reshaping humanities education!
Zagreb, Croatia
16. - 22.
Nov 2023
Innovation Camp

Drama For Learning Science

Science education like you've never experienced before! ACIIS presents our third Innovation Camp, dedicated to science. Join educators, students, and leaders in Bled, Slovenia. Together, we'll tackle the challenges of inclusive science education, spark innovative teaching approaches, create impactful projects, and inspire change. Be part of revolutionizing science education!
Bled, Slovenia
19. - 23.
May 2026
international conference

Innovation in Inclusive Education

Get ready to witness something big! Our international conference in lovely Ljubljana is all about innovation and inclusion. We've designed this event for teachers, school leaders, special educators, students, and professors – basically, for everyone who cares about making education better.
Ljubljana, Slovenia