About Us
Transforming Education
Through Creativity,
Innovation and Inclusivity
At ACIIS, we believe that every child deserves an enriching and inclusive education. Our mission is to empower primary school teachers with innovative teaching methods and digital tools that celebrate diversity and ensure that every child's unique learning journey is valued and supported.
What We Offer
What we offer
Innovative Trainings
We offer comprehensive training programs for both pre-service and in-service primary school teachers. Our courses are designed to integrate drama techniques and digital tools into teaching practices, making education an engaging and personalized experience for every student.
What we offer
Inspiring Events
Join us in our innovation camps and fairs, where educators, students, school leaders, and authorities collaborate to shape the future of inclusive education. Explore cutting-edge strategies and tools that spark creativity and drive positive change.
What we offer
Powerful Resources
Access a wealth of teaching strategies, drama tools, and educational resources developed by teachers, for teachers. Our platform is a hub for sharing best practices, success stories, and ideas that cultivate a love for learning in every child.